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For You

Something that I wrote when thinking about Someone....

Since the first time I saw you...
The beginning of our story
I'm starting to memorize,
Your funny style...
Your sweetest smile...

Sometime I'v wonder,
Why its always YOU..
Why must it be ME..
Maybe we are meant, 
To found each other..
To help each other..
To complete each other..
And the most important..
To "fight" with each other... :)
Be best friend
Be lovely sister

Sometime, not every things gonna be ok

We make mistake
People always said
Its easy to forgive but its hard to forget
But don't worry
For me 
I'll forgive and forget on time ^_^
The most important things to do is to make you happy and smile
Even though sometime its hard and hurt...

I never regret to have you
You make me happy..
You make me smile..
Bright my day..
As before, it never shine..

I hope i can be there for 
Every step of your way..
Every second of your time..
Be your strength..
Be your light..
I'll be your shadow when its night..
I'll be your protector when its bright.. 

At the end of our story,
I have to go
When I'm going..
I'm not leaving you alone

Leaving you with
The Happiest Memory We Had Together

Our memory will never fade away
As YOU remember ME as I am right now..
All I can say is

You'r One In A Million

My precious sister..
By Ariff Afiza

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Wonderful thing to remember is the moment where its makes you laugh,cry & the memory created together..cant never be repeat..
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